Grounded Guidance

With more than 40 years of practice, Marsh Law P.C. strives to be more for our clients than mere legal counsel. We are also your advocates, supporters, and counselors.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Getting legal help during a time of need should not cost you an arm and a leg.. That's why we build affordable and effective solutions.

A Reputation of Excellence

We have a calm, effective approach, and a focus on clients. We have been "AV" rated with Martindale-Hubbell since 1989.


Assisting You with Business and Personal Legal Matters

Business Law, Estate Planning & Real Estate Law | Longmont, CO

Business Law & Litigation

There are many steps to building and maintaining a business. To ensure that yours keeps moving in the right direction, seek trusted legal counsel.

Real Estate

Real estate disputes affect businesses and consumers alike. If a real estate concern has arisen in your life, talk to an attorney about your options.

Estate Planning

Done well, estate planning ensures that your wishes will be honored, no matter what circumstances arise in the future. Be proactive; breathe easier.

Religious & Nonprofit Law

Nonprofit organizations seek to better the world around them. With the right guidance, they can pursue that goal while avoiding legal pitfalls.

Good communication between attorney and client is vital. Your case or legal matter is high priority for us.


Business Law & Litigation, Estate Planning, Real Estate Law & Litigation,
& Religious Organization Attorney

Rich Marsh

Rich Marsh


Rich is a high-energy attorney who makes his clients needs his top priority. He is the go-to asset for any client looking for legal advice or to solve a dispute.

Kim Fong

Kim Fong


Kim has been a part of the Marsh Law P.C. team since 2002. During that time, she has offered incredible support through even the most complex cases.

The Law Can Be Complex & Obscure

Let us guide you to clarity.


Our track record has given us a reputable standing within the community.


Developer's land use plan threatened to extinguish historic access road to stone quarries. Marsh obtained state court jury verdict on claim of prescriptive easement using expert photogrammetry technology.


Real estate broker (A) "crossed sign" of another broker (B) who obtained high six figure judgment against broker A. Broker A filed bankruptcy. Marsh obtained non-discharge judgment for Broker B for intentional tort.


HOA unit owner and former board member sued association for accounting and to reverse board policy actions. Marsh defended HOA and obtained trial court award of attorney fees for the HOA.

Tried and True Experts in Transactions and Litigation

One of the greatest advantages our team has to offer is versatile experience. With us, you get the best of both worlds - strong litigation and seasoned transactional representation. No matter how simple or complicated your case may be, we have the tools to determine the best route for moving forward.

Our goal is to resolve your case as quickly and painlessly as possible - and generally, that means settling it before it reaches trial. But every case is different, and experience has taught us that sometimes trial is inevitable. That's why we keep our team versatile. In or out of court, you will have an experienced professional in your corner.

In addition to having the legal expertise you need, we also strive to ensure that we are providing the guidance and security you deserve. Legal issues can be extremely daunting. Our experience will lessen your stress.

Whether you are preparing for the future, inquiring about a dispute, or looking to address an injustice, we are glad to put our experience at your disposal. More than that, we want to offer our compassion and support throughout the process.

Attorney & Professional Referrals

If your client is in need of local counsel in the greater Denver or Boulder areas, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Over our years of practice we have worked with many good attorneys who refer matters to us. If you have a client in need of local counsel, we can be a resource for you. We always look to refer clients to you when your expertise is needed where you practice.

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